Did you guys think we’d never make a post? Okay, so here’s the update.You all will still be getting daily releases from the new series (I’m talking to one of the editors about possibly doing a large dump of chapter 1 just to get it moving), but we’re also working on a TBK 4

We’d like some weigh in on that. What are you all looking for from the new series? If we did new MC instead of Darwin, would that be too upsetting?

18 thoughts on “Update”

    1. See Demon already … notice the blush.
      As for TBK4 is the Crappy scripts that make the game bad as in death and pain or just the Human PK veiw point. Only Kass, Darwin and Meatbun seem to have fun with the VR word from the beginning.The rest are slowly getting there. Now with BIG C gone, it would be nice
      if the game gets more playable by all and that means thinking
      about what is a VR world? VR worlds are great if you have the skills
      but what if you don’t have them? What if you want to bring the whole family for adventure? You have a option to get magic? ESP? Can you take the magic home when you log out?

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  1. Well the way TBK wrapped up. I still felt there was more story left out. But a new story line can do a few things, jump ahead in the timeline to a point where Demons are the majority and now Humans are the one’s trying to take up the mantle of superior race, Tiqpa could unite and try to drive out the Demon Horde that has swept across the land, or as is usual with “Evil” races … Sabotage and infighting bring the whole thing crashing down (Darwin’s kids fighting against each other for control.) Could even split along bloodlines, maybe Darwin managed to not only get Steph but also Val and Kass? Creating Three Strong factions within the hierarchy.

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  2. Another main char. shure.
    I would still want it to be about the demon faction in some form, even about one fighting against them (like Charles uploaded an copy of his mind into Tipqua).
    I would not like an unrelated story in another part of Tipqua without an connection to the previous book (gut reaction).

    Basically I want to know, how the Demons are faring…


    1. That is no good =( But, at the moment, we are working only with Amazon. We are likely going to be doing KDP Select, and we can’t publish with multiple sources if we do.

      We’re trying to leave as much of it (Free to read) as we can though until we pull the trigger on the amazon select though, for that very reason, (so even non amazon readers can enjoy it).


      1. Thanks for the fast response.

        Mmm Well this is what Amazon is saying currently “This title is not currently available for purchase”

        Oh well, I guess I continue reading the free one for now, do inform me if there’s another way to buy your book.


      2. All 3 volume, The Bathrobe Knight: Volume 1 Kindle Edition & Volume 2 Kindle Edition & Volume 3 Kindle Edition


      3. That’s odd. Have you tried contacting Amazon? I only ask because currently all 3 volumes are selling books daily, so I’m thinking this is an isolated incident where I won’t be able to help you.


      4. Heh, didn’t think of that.
        Alright I already sent an email to Amazon in regards to this problem. Now it’s time to wait.


      5. This is what Amazon says
        “Upon checking your account, I see that you are residing in Singapore. At this point of time kindle content is not available for purchase or download in your country.We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

        I’m gonna cry. Hahahahaha
        Oh well …….


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