War Aeternus 3 is Now Available!

Hey guys,

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that War Aeternus 3: The Culling is now available for purchase on Amazon and for reading on Kindle Unlimited!

This is one of the darkest works yet, and Lee struggles to stand his ground against an immoral enemy who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. His patience and cunning are pushed to the limits as he tries to devise a way to protect everything he knows and loves, and he risks everything by teaming up with old friends, old enemies, and by forging new alliances in order to survive. And then there’s Jade, who is by far the best character we’ve ever written. The very anthesis to Valerie. Finally!

War Aeternus 3: The Culling

The War Aeternus audiobook is now available!

I am very, very pleased to announce that War Aeternus is now available as an audiobook! We had the immense pleasure of working with the extremely talented Jeff Hays on this book, and I absolutely cannot sing his praises enough. Through and through, this guy is a professional and a real pleasure to work with.

Lee is a quiet and unassuming office worker who leads a life of solitude, comfort, and routine. Day in and day out, he shuts off his brain, keeps his head down, and goes about doing his job and minding his own business. That is, he does until a drunken god shows up randomly one day and whisks him off into another world, demanding that Lee serve as his pawn in a game between the gods. Now, trapped in a completely different world full of danger, magic, and creatures he’s never imagined outside of fairy tales and video games, Lee has to figure out how to stay alive long enough to make it back home.

Soundbooth Theater dives into another instant RPG Gamelit classic in War Aeturnus. With this piece of reverent comedy and philosophy about the role of belief in our modern times, Charles Dean has filled a void in the world of Gamelit by creating a Candide for the genre. Not only will Lee’s exploits with his psychotic sidekick, Miller, make listeners laugh and spit out their Mountain Dew, it may even convince them to get off the couch for a little while and explore the world outside of video games and fantasy.

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:

Jeff Hays – Narration, Characters, Production Supervision
Dalton Lynne – Proofing
Alex Tate – Production, Editing, Mastering
©2017 Charles Aylett Ashby Dean (P)2018 Charles Aylett Ashby Dean

War Aeternus is now available on Amazon!

I’m proud to announce that War Aeternus is now available on Amazon! This marks the seventh book to be released.  How cool is that?

You can find it here!

Unfortunately, it also means that I’ve had to restrict a large part of the content that’s available here due to Kindle Unlimited requirements.  But, I’ve left the final two chapters (minus the epilogue) online so people can catch up in case they missed them.