Death’s Favorite Warlock 4

Death's Favorite Warlock 4

After an explosive attack by his former sect master, Dea, leaves many of Lars’s companions dead and Yumi captured, Lars is forced to return to the sect only to find that some of his closest and most precious allies have also been taken hostage and imprisoned by the schemes of vicious, vengeful elders. As Lars scrambles to rescue them, he quickly learns that the sect is even more dangerous and corrupt than he remembered, with power struggles and violence lurking around every corner.

Can Lars navigate the treacherous political web of the sect to save his friends, or will he become just another casualty in the never-ending battle for supremacy? Join Lars as he’s sent hurtling toward his and Ophelia’s fate–one that they share with the entire world–and discover the thrilling conclusion to Death’s Favorite Warlock in this gripping gamelit, litrpg, cultivation adventure tale of loyalty, betrayal, and the cost of power. Forgive us for using keywords at the end. The algorithm made us.

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