So Ramon Mejia wrote a book?

So, I’m going to review this book right now… Mechanical Crafter by R.A. Mejia.
I want to be upfront and honest with you guys going into this. I freaking love my brown brother Ramon, he’s an amazing guy, and I consider him one of my closest friends. This review may be biased. That said, I have a ton of friends, and you probably don’t see me doing any if many reviews at all.

So, let me first talk about Repair. This story is going to center around the ‘backbone growth’ type arc that I think most of us really enjoy. The payoff is there, and the development is there. If you are reading this not as a litrpg fan, but just for the MC story, you can probably glaze over the parts I love most and still have a good time. It is, after all, at its heart a good buddy buddy story that has us watch a doormat kind of morph into a bit more of a statue of confidence.

That said, if you’re reading this for the good buddy story part, you’re kinda missing out. This is a crafting book after all. I want to break down exactly how and what the crafting does in this review, but… I think that would ultimately take a lot of the fun out of hte book. Instead, I’m going to say that the crafting system as a whole was interesting, and a bit novel in many ways I wasn’t expecting. There was also a ton of it in the book. You literally can’t seem to go more than a chapter without running into it. It’s not the type of crafting I would normally find in books either, because the main character himself is a machine, and a lot of his class quests are built around the system. I want to say more, but I don’t. You should really read this. I would definitely recommend it for the type, like me, who enjoy the growth set in dungeon core books, not just crafting books, as the combination of the MC’s methodology and use of crafting + how he really advances in power did to me, at least, feel a bit dungeon core ish. It’s hard to explain.

Anyways. I hope you enjoy the book. Solid 7.6/10 [This rating is just a joke at Ramon. I loved the book. Go read it. Hopefully you’ll like it as much as my crafting loving bearded self did]

Woops + c3

had some minor issues with the book that had to be rescrubbed. Chapter 3 was thus very delayed. Here you go though =D enjoy. C4 is done and 5 is done, but I’m waiting on fixing a few things before I share. Also, I think Jeff Hays will be doing a reading of the prologue soon.


First off, thanks to everyone who was buying my audio book for THV. I really appreciate it. It’s been amazing, honestly.

Also, instead of the 2k words that were supposed to happen yesterday, I’m dumping a ton on you guys. I finished the entire 9.2k word chapter, and it can be found here:

The password is the same, and you can find it in the group. Please enjoy reading the rest of my first SRR chapter installment.

Sorry for the delays btw, just working on The Heroic Villain 2 and War Aeternus 5, and since I’m so close to finishing THV2, it’s been getting most of my attention.