Hey! I’m Alive!

The Grand PooBah and illustrious Writer has come in to let you all know: He’s finished his deadline with 1 hour and 16 minutes to spare. As such, I’ll be posting the link to the Spoiled Rotten Reader exclusive story. This is only a small piece, and each week a little bit more will be released.

Random names that have no relevance to any real person or identity that may or may not have been mentioned: Lars, Dawn, Tao, Apollos

Click here for story.

Ps: To get password, you must join this facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/541733016223492/
(And yes, you must answer the 3 joining questions to get in).
The pass will be released tomorrow, and we’ll likely also feature someone reading the start of it.


There have been some real life hiccups, so we’re behind Schedule but we’ll be unloading as fast as the editor’s can get the material out. We will catch up to the 2k a day 5 days a week quota in no time, but in the mean time, enjoy chapter 4. Also, chapter 3 is finished.

Chapter 4
AnonTBK himself went above and beyond to make sure Chapter 4 was done in one night.


Note: Chapter 3 is being extended, a LOT. Wait 5 minutes and check again if there isn’t an extension made in june to fill in the 2nd half of chapter 3.

Note 2:  We’re having some issues with word-press not wanting to update the anchors into chapter 3. Where you guys left off was at ( “Yeah, sounds good,” Lee agreed. ) <– you can ctrl f this.

Daily releases?

What? Did that happen? Okay, so it won’t happen on Sundays, but it hopefully will happen every Monday Through Saturday. You can also thank AnonTBK and Swayne the Brain for their awesome work editing to make sure that I have the liberty to drop some words down.

They’ve been a wonderful help. So has Clifford, who has dedicated himself to staying awake late at night to keep this insane writer active and from making incredibly silly/ stupid mistakes.


Anyway, There was another release =D Go check it out.

I’m Not Dead Yet!

So, haven’t tooled out the “Next segment” buttons, and just dropping it for copyright honestly, but I wanted you guys to know: I’m not dead yet. After the release of Merchant of Tiqpa 2, we’re hard at work on 2 series. This is one I started writing (and will start unloading so it gets its “Free to read” moment for all of us poor people. Even if it is the unedited version.

Anyway, go ahead and check it out; starting here!

Thanks for your patience guys, and thank you all for your support of Merchant of Tiqpa 2!!

Apologies + Book Release

Hey people,
Sorry we haven’t had updates recently. I’d like to say right away, the #1 reason we didn’t publish as many new updates is that for the longest period, like almost all of September, we were ripping apart chapter 1/ 2 and decided what we wanted to do with them.
We wanted the book to feel a lot cleaner, but we also didn’t want to cut the book. Then for a better part of October and November, we were securing cover, and then trying to make sure our wonderful editor, could actually have a place to live.
Now that he’s settled we should be able to begin again with updates, and I want to apologize again for the delay.

You can get the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Merchant-Tiqpa-Bathrobe-Knights-Sequel-ebook/dp/B01MTQWKMJ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480635652&sr=8-1&keywords=Merchant+of+Tiqpa
if you are impatient, and we’ll be loading things up and starting Book 2’s releases hopefully before Christmas.

Please forgive my failure to update *bows head* I’m terrible with the site. The editor thought I was keeping up to date with it while he didn’t have internet, and I thought he was doing it from his phone because he knew I couldn’t handle site management =/ the failures of miscommunication.