Welcome to the new site!

So, we’ve been talking about it for months, years? I know it hasn’t been years since we haven’t even had the site up for over a year, but we have been talking about updating the site and making it proper for a while. With TBK 3 coming to a close (only editing/ book cover generating and one final epilogue to be done), we decided to finally bite the bullet and get a proper site. The reason we went with Deannovels.com instead of something more bathroby or spoonish is that I plan to write books one day outside of the Tiqpa world. Tiqpa has been fun, don’t get me wrong, but I want to explore new ideas and worlds with you, worlds you will all hopefully have a part in helping me brainstorm (your feedback has always been a huge part of the Tiqpa writing experience).

So, to start this off right (with lots of user feedback), go ahead and let me know how I can better improve this site and make it easier to use. Thanks again for always being great readers!


Ps. AnonTBK is still around, but don’t call him over. I want to take a break from work eventually.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the new site!”

  1. So I made a comment with all my suggestions then created a WordPress account to leave the comment thus losing the comment…….. 😦

    Anyway, So it boils down to changing the background color from white… You’re blinding me here with the vast amounts of emptiness filled with light.

    Things you could incorporate:
    Short biography of Charles Dean (super ultra realistic or loosely based on a true story, your preference)
    Thumbnails for your previous work
    A Banner at the top with whatever image/message floats your boat. (I’m thinking maybe a Large Demon King wielding a spoon and a flaming sword while wearing a bathrobe, just a thought)

    Additionally a link to another author’s site that could provide some inspiration:


      1. I can see!! What I liked on Sanderson’s site is he also has a section for Writing advice. So when you hit a block you might find a nugget that helps you get past it.

        As for Banner’s yeah unless you create your own image (go take a photo or draw something) you will likely have to pull something that is open content from the internet or license/purchase an image for your site. Cause you know most of us are horrible when it comes to art.

        Then when you do start to do the writing for your next work and want feedback or input you can hold a poll (strawpoll, surveymonkey, etc.) Or like you have in the past just put out a couple questions in the chapter notes and read our responses.


  2. Meatbun Came~
    hmm.. Needs Pretty pictures and banner, make the linkies more Swoosh!!(attractive) rather than only swish(text), a page to put your dirty little secret(an author intro or some random fact/rant) so we can tattle and pester you >:D


  3. It’s so… brown.

    Or cream or whatever color this is.
    Please make this page prettier. You don’t have to change the color but please a banner, a page header that doesn’t lose out to the post’s title. that irks me somehow. Add a pretty little sidebar as well. Everybody loves sidebars.

    It kinds looks weird that the text is in the centre. Just my personal preference though.


  4. im one of ur new readers and just finished all 3 books but i feel a 2nd series is needed due to the massive open ending there at the end of book 3. but thats just me i would like to read about week 2 now.


  5. Dear husband,
    I love the new site. I think there should be a picture of your cute fuzzy face front and center. But also make it so links to each of your books/ series are the focus of the main page. Don’t make people hunt for them in menus and sub-menus. I love you so much :3


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