Great News!

We’re starting the new book rollout, and picking back up some of the old book rollouts. Expect at least a 500 word a day for the next 365 days upload.

If demand exists, we’ll start working towards doing a Patreon system that will let people opt out of the wait/ amazon book buying craze to read the latest up to date versions of our works no the site itself. [Maybe a, for 1k a month we’ll do 750 words/ daily, for 2k a month we’ll do 1k words daily, cetera bonus too. We’ll have to see.] {Ps. Note, this 500 words may come late every once in a while, but that isn’t because the material isn’t there. It’s simply because my internet hasn’t been reliable at all lately. Please forgive if it’s down when I’m trying to do an update, you’ll just get them slammed in on the next day. That said, it’s good today! So let’s go for it!}

Anyways, thanks for keeping up to date (the new posts will be in by midnight each night).

Also, I’ve been playing around with “non comment” ways for chatting. Would you guys want to see a discord/ chatango?

3 thoughts on “Great News!”

    1. From a “Desktop User” Pov, no. Absolutely not.

      From a mobile pov? I don’t know actually =( We’re just rattling the booshes and seeing what the interest would be. Also, Expect an update on the new book within one hour (I’m keeping to my by midnight clock). =D

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