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I thought Id take the time to throw out a post since we seem to be lacking in the update department. We’re continuing work on the new project, and it seems moving a nice pace so far. For once, I’m happy to say that we are finally ahead of the daily posts that are going. I’m hoping that we will be able to release this as a shorter feature, and complete it, sometime within the next month and a half. Its an absurd pace compared to what we’ve done in the past, but if we can keep up the speed we’re currently working at, it should be more than possible to achieve.

As for the new website and layout, it may still undergo a few changes, but we’ve hit a bit of a standstill. We seem to be lacking in the graphics department, and that will certainly have to change in the future. I have hopes of at least getting a title banner and a side-bar navigation. There are certain limitations to WordPress that we weren’t aware of, and as of yet, I’ve been unable to overcome the stylistic limitations of working with someone else’s template and layout. Almost all of the old information has been back-loaded, and we will continue rolling out a chapter per day until the old series are hosted here. I hope that we’ve at least picked up some new (and hopefully old) readers that were unable to finish the series on the old site.

For anyone following the new story, I think we’re far enough in to start asking a few questions: How are you liking it? Is the direction we’re taking it obvious yet? Is it lacking in some area? We’ve talked a lot about what we want to do, and what we want to achieve, but some of those wont be fleshed out until the final version is polished out. We seemed to have agreed, for example, that it needs a stronger hook in the beginning and possibly a prologue to help set things up. The biggest question for now, however: Is it enjoyable? Do you want to keep coming back for more? We’ve been a bit concerned about the 500-odd words per day roll out as well. Was easier to read when we were releasing block sections on TBK on a weekly, rather than daily, basis?

Give us some feedback!


7 thoughts on “Update & Feedback”

  1. Hail and Well Met,

    So many questions first thing in the morning… Ok fine.

    How are you like it? This is your question… take a moment and read it again. Now that that’s out of the way ;P The story in and of itself is actually good so far.

    Is the direction we’re taking it obvious yet? There are still a myriad of paths it could take. Yet I see birthmark/tattoo’s denoting powers and elemental skills. I have a good idea which paths it might take.

    Is it lacking in some area? The story just seems very slow to develop. I try to not come back to the site daily so I get a few sections to build up and then read them. The characters and scenarios encompassing the MC don’t feel fleshed out.
    In a nut shell we have this – MC has a unique yet useless birthmark/tattoo (most likely special and will come into play later.) MC is looked down on for not fitting into the social norms based on hierarchy of birthmark/tattoo. MC toils daily wishing for a better life yet feeling like he doesn’t deserve one. Someone tries to push him a little towards living his life, when bam that guy dies and the town is a wipe and MC’s about to die… Then wakes up in his bed.
    P.S. there is a potential love interest, that he is too scared to pursue.

    While your version has more detail, that seems to be where we’re at.

    Is it enjoyable? Yes.

    Do you want to keep coming back for more? Yes.

    Was easier to read when we were releasing block sections on TBK on a weekly, rather than daily, basis? Tough one, that story was broken down into many characters view points so blocks worked very well for them. Yet as stated I only visit this site a couple times a week so that the reading is worth the visit.


    1. Now that the questions are out of the way and the feedback given.

      Charles, I look forward to reading your story. It is hard not to visit your site daily to feast upon the 500 words and get a brief glimpse of what the “worthless” young man will do. Do I wish you were able to dump the book in its entirety all at once? Yes of course I do, but that is unrealistic as a truly great work takes time and care.

      You are doing a great job with this story, keep it up! Don’t let my answers get you down!


  2. “””How are you like it? This is your question… take a moment and read it again. Now that that’s out of the way ;P The story in and of itself is actually good so far.”” Thank you so much for this! =D It’s priceless! Now I have something to Lord over AnonTBK when he teases me about my grammar mistakes. This will forever be stored in my memory, screenshotted and held as ransom. *bows head politely* You are indeed a gift to the community. Also, Thanks for the feedback.

    Question, what’s your favorite character currently? How do you feel about MAe?


    1. From what Mae has shown in the story so far, I am led to believe that poor Edgar is her “safety”. Should she not find anything she likes more she’s willing to settle for him.

      Favorite character so far, is oddly the kindhearted Cedric who went out of his way to get Edgar to become more.


    1. We currently are only offering on Amazon (and highly encouraging ratings!)
      Really sorry =*( I hope the website offers you enough to enjoy the stories though. We’ll maintain daily posts for you.


  3. We just need text here, We do not need say singing and dancing
    toasters* here. Just keep it to NO ADS and I am happy.
    PS: I think you lose money with ads considering 15K of new text to read and 1.5 meg for a simple gif add.
    BTH Meatbun how is your voice?


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