New and New and New

New updates and new revisions have been posted herefor War of Eternity, which was formerly the working title Level Zero NPC.

We’ve gone through the start maybe four times now, completely rewriting the opening and basically changing everything. Truth be told, we’re still not entirely happy with it. There are more changes want to make to get it up to where we feel it needs to be, but I also don’t want to force Charles to spend all of his time working on a singular section of the book. That said, any comments or concerns you have are always more than welcome.


The Merchant of Tiqpa: Volume 2 is alive

So…. Hi. Long time no see! Now, now, calm down. Don’t get all emotional on me. I know, I know, it’s been a while, but I come bearing gifts!

We’ve been en absentia for… uh … Well, we’ve been gone for a while. But! I’m happy say: We’ve been hard at work while gone. For the first time ever, we’ve got an actual headstart on something we’re posting to the website. And by that, I clearly mean that we’ve been working on The Merchant of Tiqpa: Volume 2 and have about three-quarters of it finished with a preliminary edit done. So sequel, much wow.



Enjoy Chapter 1.