The Author’s Idea for a Name

So, I’m going to start off by saying that I actually loved a lot of the suggestions for book names. Many of them felt cool, some funny, some awesome. The problem is, I’m looking for something that, when I say it, it just “feels” right. Ya know? I don’t know if you know what that is like. A name that, when you tell someone, they say, “I want to pick up that book and look at the back just because.”

So, with that in mind, I was thinking of: The Eighth Rune.
How does that sound for a name? Any thoughts?

Ps. Don’t tell the editor I’m posting on the main site, he gets finicky when I make posts =D.

14 thoughts on “The Author’s Idea for a Name”

  1. The Eighth rune sounds really good. You should use it. It gives off a feeling of mystery and sounds very central to the plot.


  2. Well by stating that “The Eighth Rune” is the title it gives a sense that there should only be 7 runes? Was this stipulated somewhere and I missed it. Growers – Earth or Water, Scribes – ??? None?, Fire (cooks and soldiers). Obviously Earth & Fire is seen in the battle episodes.

    I take it the Elements are all represented – Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Then things get a little hokey, as depending on what school of thought you follow determine what else falls into an element.

    Light, Dark, Metal, Time, Space, Gravity, Holy, Evil, Life and Death are all options as pure elements

    Then you fall into mixed elements – Air & Fire – Lightning, Earth & Water – Mud or Wood among others

    Finally the null element combinations – Air & Earth – (Sand), Fire & Water – (Steam)


    1. Not entirely true? But sorta? I mean, you can have the “3rd” son, but still have the possibility of a 4th… just saying.

      Also, would a pre chapter “These are the known runes” help? What would you be looking for in terms of pre-book stuff that might ‘enhance’ the reading experience.


      1. Whilst I do agree that there can be more after. As stated when it is the title it generally refers to the last such as the 7th Son, the 9th Dragon, and so on. It’s your book and you get to set the title (one of the perks of writing it!)

        But as Totes states – in a conversation (probably with the Priest) discussing the different “Known” runes, or talking to himself while scribing the “Holy Texts” filling in the information about the runes as we move deeper into the cycle he’s in.

        Rather than a wall of text pre-chapter, could probably be done in a glossary, especially if you put in images of all your runes! Such as below (Just an example as some information could be very incorrect):

        Growers – This guild in the village of … are the farmers of the village growing and harvesting crops as well as maintaining the village square and public gardens to ensure the village is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing to the eye. All growers have some form of the growing rune – the more detailed the rune, the more control the grower has over plant development and the soil it is in. This rune, in the shape of tree, usually appears on the forearm.


  3. Dean please don’t include info dump chapters. In my opinion, giant walls of text establishing the world is incredibly bland a pretty big turn off. It’s okay to scatter info bites throughout character conversations and monologues ( seen in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones). But despite my strong opinions, I’m no writer so you can write your story the way you feel its right. Best of luck Dean.


  4. I can assure you all that info-dumps are something we’ve talked about avoiding avoiding at all costs. None of us really like them, and, as has already been stated, I feel that there are much more useful and entertaining ways to integrate necessary aspects into the story.

    We’ve kicked around the idea of including a pre chapter one (almost like a prologue) to disseminate some of the world-building aspects and help construct the ‘rules’ of the world. Some of the early concepts of chapter one, for example, are ‘heavy’ and already need to be re-purposed.


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