The Name + April Fools

So, we put the name up, and I hope you guys like it. Thanks for your constant support. By the way, I didn’t get a single April Fools joke pulled on me this year! It really made me sad =*( I love April Fools jokes. Could you guys share some of the best pranks you’ve been a part of (have done/had done to you)?

For those who don’t read from within the US, is April Fools a common thing where you’re from? I wonder, which countries make a big deal of it? And which countries ignore it altogether?

Anyway, I hope you’re still enjoying the story!

14 thoughts on “The Name + April Fools”

  1. Yay! The name is decided!
    Also maybe you don’t know this but the new updates don’t show in our newsfeed.
    As for that dude who rubbed chili in my candies… KLQESDGZSFZZ!!!!!


  2. The transition from March 31st to April 1st is a bit abrupt, 31st ends with “His body twisted sideways with the effort, and he felt a sharp spike of pain in his shoulder, but he was able to wrench himself free.” and then April 1st he is “waking” up after being killed but the 31st ends w/o an explicit death.


  3. When one of my favorite light novels got updated I was so happy to see that it really was a new chapter. But halfway through it, Overlord went from a normal read and transitioned into a boy love fanfic. I was so confused whether it was canon or not until i got to the comment section. D:

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    1. It turned into a Sanderson novel real fast. I loved the writing style so much!
      Too bad it turned out to be a fanfic. I hope the fanfic author continue writing.
      He is good.


  4. I got to ask, why were the game boxes removed for the Bathrobe Knight series on this site and Kindle? I don’t really like the way they are set out now and it REALLY doesn’t suit this story the way it is now in my opinion… Just wondering what’s up with that…

    Thanks, Demon.


    1. Believe me: There was no small amount of rage while I was trying to figure that out. Small animals fled in terror at the sound of temper tantrum I threw over it.


  5. I know this is in no way related to the post but I couldn’t find the right place to post my question, when will volume 4 be released or what is the progress of it?


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