A little slight of hand. . .

. . . . and we’re back over here =)  Your author’s day was complete shit, so you get this today.

I know that these sections can be a little disorienting since they’re out of place with what’s going on in the current story progression, so let me preface them a bit.  They were originally intended to help flesh out Eliza’s character a bit with some background information, development, and motivation that would inevitably be really hard to include with the story as it is currently written.  When we started work on them, we were never really sure that they would be included in anything other than the published work, possibly as non-sequential bonus content like we did in The Bathrobe Knight Volume 1, since they’re clearly a deviation from the storyline.

All that having been said, let’s just consider these as bonus content.  I hope they help develop the character a little more — even though we’ve only seen a small bit of her in the actual story so far — and provide some insight into why she acts the way she does (err. . . or will (not a spoiler I swear.))

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