3 thoughts on “Thursday & Friday”

  1. So Charles,

    Inspired by reading all of your works up to this point and constant pestering from people I have regaled with my life’s story that I have taken up the task of writing a book. They feel my story is entertaining enough that it should be written down for the masses. Personally I just think how messed up it has been and wonder how I am alive as I write down the details.

    I have only written a little over 21,000 words so far, still need another ~80K 😦 How will I know when it’s done? Does a book need to be 100,000 words?


  2. Shattergraves: I’m sorry, this is entirely my fault for being away from the site. We stopped writing new sections so much as retouching up old sections. The editor has also had to deal with a lot of moving so we haven’t had steady internet connections.

    I’ll talk to the editor today about posting the rest as soon as he finishes getting settled down in the new town. Or about helping me figure out how to post stuff on my won.

    That said, even with the movie we did manage to finish the book and release it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTQWKMJ but that was because I could load it into kindle without help from AnonTBK, the site manager.

    I sincerely apologize for the delay. We’ll be starting MoT 2 as soon as we finish nailing out the plotline (and I figure out how to load stuff myself, since again, editor is kinda mia till he gets settled).


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