War Aeternus 4 Rollout

Hey guys,

We should start rolling out War Aeternus 4 today in small segments.  I try to post around two-thousand words daily whenever we do this, but there are times where I’ll also increase or decrease that value based on where the stopping point is.  If you’re one of those people who likes to digest everything at once, we typically work at ‘around’ ten-thousand words per chapter, so check back at the end of the week.  If you’re just dying to get a first look at War Aeternus 4, check back daily, and we should have something for you.

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent us questions and comments on the last book.  We always love hearing your feedback whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. If something doesn’t work for you, if you hate a character, if you love a character, or if you want Valerie to die a horrible, gruesome death, never hesitate to let us know.

Remember: This is a quick-and-dirty version. Anything you find here may or may not make it into the final cut, and while it’s most-likely cannon, that doesn’t mean that all of it will make it into the final edit.  Josh and I have both been through this once, so there shouldn’t be any major, glaring errors, but it’s still very much a work in progress. If you catch anything, please feel free to let us know.  Charles is convinced that he pays us too much anyway, so you’re really just doing him a favor.

Without further ado, here’s the first half of the prologue to start of us off:

War Aeternus 4 – Prologue

10.23 Update: The Prologue is now posted in its entirety.  We rarely ever post the prologue or epilogue, and they are generally reserved for the published versions only, so once this disappears, it will likely never return. Enjoy.

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