Happy Hump Day!

New material has been added to The Merchant of Tiqpa and can be found here.

Chapter 9 from The Bathrobe Knight: Volume II is now re-released and available here for reading.

Anyone have plans for the weekend? Personally, I see myself destroying our beloved author’s word count.

Quick Update

Just a quick update-
I’ve been going through and doing some general housekeeping tasks on the website. All URLs leading to The Eight Rune have been updated to reflect the book title. If anyone was keeping permalinks to those pages, you will need to update your bookmarks. I’ve also removed all date markers from those chapters, so if anyone finds any mistakes, please let me know so that those errors can be corrected.

I’ve re-released Chapter 7 from The Bathrobe Knight Volume 2. It’s now available here for reading.

I’ve added a few small bits of new material to Chapter 10 from The Eighth Rune. Sorry for the wait!

A new book from The Bathrobe Knight series is already in the works. Look for posts to begin on a regular basis starting Monday, June 27th. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that Mr. Dean is straying away from Darwin as the main protagonist for this one. We’re going to see a small jump forward in time, and it looks like he’s planning on exploring some completely new concepts within the world of Tiqpa. That means new areas, new cities, new people, and (most importantly) new loot! So hang on and get ready for some gritty, grimy, old-fashioned grinding.

The Eighth Rune is on AMAZON!

The 8thRUNE_72dpi_forAMAZON.jpg


There are three main differences between the book online and the web version.
1. The pre-chapter posts. Not very long, just a paragraph or two before each chapter written from the perspective of Edgard’s Mother. They help shape the frame of the story and give context to the story that might be missed due to the bias point of view that the story is told from (Edgard doesn’t know everything, and can’t reason out who is / isn’t lying about what, as those who have made it through several chapters already know.)

2. Higher quality editing. We often spend a week or two re-editing each chapter, fixing up small details, cetera so that the book on Kindle will feel like a better quality product than the one

3. The Author’s eternal gratitude. Seriously, while I do love bringing a product to the table that I hope most people enjoy, I often must lament that bills are a very strong motive for me posting on Amazon. =P Thank you greatly in advance if you purchase or just thanks in general.

Ps. Did you like the cover? =D

The May Agenda

Time to break all the quiet. I cant deal with all the quiet!

It’s long past time for me to drop an update and let you guys know what’s going on. Sorry for the radio silence, but, eh, life.

So, first things first: We’ve also started the process of creating an audio edition of The Bathrobe Knight. Kinda cool, huh? This is a whole new realm for us, so I’ll definitely keep you updated as progress continues.

In addition, we’re working on bringing a couple of additional authors on board for the website. These guys have a whole new host of work to offer (unrelated to our own, of course) and some cool new worlds to explore. What can I say, I’m a firm believer that you guys need more reading material for your morning coffee breaks!

For those of you who are reading daily, I’m sure you’re aware updates have been somewhat sporadic for the past week. This is largely my fault as I was working to both finish them and keep them as up-to-date editing wise as possible. So sorry. I’m a bad person. But that should be fixed soon! I just posted an additional 7 days of material from the new project, The Eighth Rune, as well as an additional two chapters from The Bathrobe Knight Vol. II. Honestly, the TBK drop has been somewhat overdue for a while now. We intended to space it out somewhat, but it’s been difficult to gauge exactly when to drop the sections. Hopefully, going forward, I can find a steady rhythm on when to release it.

In other news, Mr. Dean has finished a majority of the content from The Eighth Rune, and we’ve set a tentative release date of May 15th for the Amazon release. That means it’s my turn to tuck in and destroy as much of as possible before then. I mean, seriously, a book where everyone dies? All the time? I’m definitely on board with this one. Honestly, I’m a bit excited about this book . . . Moreso now than I have been throughout the entire process. The Eight Rune gave us a fantastic opportunity to pull off some amazing character development and thematic concepts that just wasn’t possible in The Bathrobe Knight. This was a story that Mr. Dean had kicking around in his head for quite some time, and I know he’s had fun writing it. I can’t even begin to explain the number of 2AM phone calls I received that started with, “Hey, I just had a great idea!”

Speaking of which, I can now finally answer at least one of the lingering questions we’ve received about the next TBK book. I can finally say that Mr. Dean has started work on the next volume (he actually did this months ago) and there will definitely be a TBK4. Now that The Eighth Rune has largely reached completion, he’s able to give it his full attention. We’ve kicked around a ton of ideas for what we want to do, where we want to go, and how we want that story to develop. As always, the process and story line will continue to grow and develop as it’s written, but I think we have some really interesting ideas on the slate for this one.

The Name + April Fools

So, we put the name up, and I hope you guys like it. Thanks for your constant support. By the way, I didn’t get a single April Fools joke pulled on me this year! It really made me sad =*( I love April Fools jokes. Could you guys share some of the best pranks you’ve been a part of (have┬ádone/had done to you)?

For those who don’t read from within the US, is April Fools a common thing where you’re from? I wonder, which countries make a big deal of it? And which countries ignore it altogether?

Anyway, I hope you’re still enjoying the story!

The Author’s Idea for a Name

So, I’m going to start off by saying that I actually loved a lot of the suggestions for book names. Many of them felt cool, some funny, some awesome. The problem is, I’m looking for something that, when I say it, it just “feels” right. Ya know? I don’t know if you know what that is like. A name that, when you tell someone, they say, “I want to pick up that book and look at the back just because.”

So, with that in mind, I was thinking of: The Eighth Rune.
How does that sound for a name? Any thoughts?

Ps. Don’t tell the editor I’m posting on the main site, he gets finicky when I make posts =D.

Name this thing!

Hokay. So. We’ve been tossing around names for this new project for over three months now, and we still haven’t been able to decide and a agree on a single one yet. As such, we’re asking you readers to weigh in with your opinions and ideas. We want the name to feel like a real book title, be eye-catching, and make you want to open the cover and read more. Below is a list of names we’ve kicked around. Feel free to either pick which one you like best or suggest your own. If you suggest a different name, and it’s the one we end up choosing, I’ll personally send you a free copy via Amazon when the book is released. Get creative!

So far we have:

Fate Rerolled
Fate Rewritten
Second Chance
The Die is Cast
Timely Recast
Infinite Hope
Life Re-Lived
Tomorrow Today

Thank me later


I have finally convinced the benevolent Mr. Dean to relinquish his stranglehold on the material for the new book. As such, I will now be posting double the release of material as we have been thus far (upping the posted daily word count from 500 to 1000 words). I hope this encourages our author to focus and work harder. I also hope this encourages you guys (hello reader) to comment more frequently. Remember: We thrive on your feedback.

In order to kick it off, I am retroactively beginning this with yesterday’s material. Enjoy =)

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