Name this thing!

Hokay. So. We’ve been tossing around names for this new project for over three months now, and we still haven’t been able to decide and a agree on a single one yet. As such, we’re asking you readers to weigh in with your opinions and ideas. We want the name to feel like a real book title, be eye-catching, and make you want to open the cover and read more. Below is a list of names we’ve kicked around. Feel free to either pick which one you like best or suggest your own. If you suggest a different name, and it’s the one we end up choosing, I’ll personally send you a free copy via Amazon when the book is released. Get creative!

So far we have:

Fate Rerolled
Fate Rewritten
Second Chance
The Die is Cast
Timely Recast
Infinite Hope
Life Re-Lived
Tomorrow Today

18 thoughts on “Name this thing!”

  1. None of the titles are really that catching, except the “Fate Rewritten”, suggestions:
    The Groundhog Rune
    Fate Redeemed
    Fate revived
    Fate E Pluribus Unum

    Possibly replace Fate with Destiny so:
    Destiny Redeemed
    Destiny revived
    Fatum E Pluribus Unum


  2. A few come to mind although it is difficult to decide as the exact nature of the characters situation has yet to be revealed to us.

    Second chance doesn’t seem very accurate. Another Chance would be more fitting.

    Off the top of my head:
    Return to start
    Checkpoint (reached?)
    Do Over
    Life lost
    Minus One Life
    Black to Red
    (Another?) Red Line
    Redealing the hand of fate
    Fate’s Hand Redealt

    That’s all i’ve got for now.


  3. Hmmm Ill throw in a few

    Awaken Once More
    A Brand New Day, Again
    If I could change the past
    History Rewritten
    Prince of Persia Sands of Time
    One More Chance
    Salvation through death
    A Boy With Too Much Time
    Relive Return DIE and Redo
    In Death’s gentle clutch
    Mother of Learning
    Edgard’s terrible day
    Every day, a new beginning
    Time and time again
    I died in my dreams
    Today is my tomorrow
    If Death will not claim me
    I’ll do today better, next time
    What fate may ask of me
    Days if future pasts


      1. How can you have time loops with no flux capacitor?
        umm “The 7 lives of …” You can only have so many colors on your rune.


  4. To tell you the truth:
    Prince of Persia is a video game and I threw that in there for giggles. But Mother of Learning is conceptually similar to this story in that it explores multiple possible endings in a given timeframe through “restarts”. All the others I’ve listed a over dramatic titles that have a chuuni (over the top role play) vibe to them so I think they’re fair game. Best of luck Dean.


  5. She was pretty cool, better than vanilla princess female archetypes. She left a positive impression in that I wasn’t banging my head on the table because of the character’s indecisiveness (I’m looking at you, air head anime protagonists).


      1. I actually preferred Stephanie when she wasn’t doing that “tots amazing” thing. And yes I know, -1 cookie. Although that was probably because I could tell it was an act on her part. Sometimes being insightful is such a drag, y’know.


  6. A life rewritten
    A chance for a future
    Sidestepping Fate
    A Critical Chance
    Guided towards Destiny/Fate
    Forced to face Fate
    Limitless Potential
    Missing Death
    When Death Rolls a 1
    Through the lens of time
    Time to Change


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