3 thoughts on “The Heroic Villain Chapter 2”

  1. Once again I love the characters, the interaccions are spotless, the world is interesting yet the fact that it is a game just diminishes the effect. I think this could be an amazing book, but with it being a game it´s going to end up as simply good and that´s a crying shame. Maybe if the chracters were NPC and he was contacted by a developer acting as a Goddess to make him take the world back from the players? Maybe i´m just being rude and obnoxious but I really think this could be timeless classic and I REALLY want to read it as a true masterpiece just not another above-average novel.


    1. You’re always welcome to give us any and all feedback, good or bad, no matter what it is.

      We’ve brought up some of the exact same ideas that you’re bringing up, and we’re working on what might be a possible solution. The fact that you and another have felt strongly enough about these issues adds a lot of weight to how important they really are.

      In essence, we need a way to add some weight to what happens–there have to be consequences. I’ve encouraged Charles to keep pushing forward so that he stays in the rhythm of writing every day, but we’re definitely spending some time going back over what’s already here and discussing ideas for what we can improve.

      Please, always keep the feedback coming.


      1. It´s not only weight that the game part takes away, it also gives the characters an easy solution, they don´t have to scout the mission area they can just look it ip, they don´t have to think about their builds they can just copy another. It diminishes the glory not only because it lacks punishment in case of defeat but it also takes away the need and opportunity for the characters to be clever. That is why the “locked in a game” trope became the standard for many novels.


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