The Heroic Villain up to Chapter 6 now posted!

The Heroic Villain has been posted up until Chapter 6, which is a little less than the halfway point, and is now available for everyone to preview. These are some quick-and-dirty posts, meaning that I still have a lot of little mistakes that likely need to be cleaned up in the editing; by and large, however, they should be a fun read.  If you find any glaring mistakes, feel free to make my life easier and point them out. Also, as always, please give us any and all feedback. We take everything to heart, and it has definitely led to some interesting changes in the past.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

2 thoughts on “The Heroic Villain up to Chapter 6 now posted!”

  1. While my earlier criticism still stands, the fact that is a game takes a lot out of it in my opinion, i am begining to love the characters and the novel even more. They are complicsted and come across rather real, combined with unortodox class the MC is going i really think this has a lot of potential.


    1. I’m on board with your criticisms, and I lobbied endlessly for your camp, but in the end, Charles had a plan, and he couldn’t be swayed. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the characters and that you specifically said that. One of my largest concerns is always whether or not they are sufficiently fleshed-out, so it’s great to know that they work.


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