The Heroic Villain is Now Available on Amazon!

On Amazon

This is the 11th book to be released by Charles, and we couldn’t be prouder.

As per usual, I’ve restricted a majority of the content from The Heroic Villain in order to comply with Amazon’s rules. I’ll leave chapter 12 up for a bit longer so that people still have a chance to read it in case they haven’t already.

I hope you enjoy the book!


2 thoughts on “The Heroic Villain is Now Available on Amazon!”

  1. I’m curious if there will be a 4th book in the series or if the series is dead. I really enjoyed the first three books and I’m hoping for more.


    1. Hello, Kai Gillespie! My apologies for such a late reply. The Heroic Villain series has been set to rest for now if not forever The Heroic Villian was an amazingly fun series to write, and the afterword following book three really helps to drive home what it meant to Charles and what he put into it. I highly encourage you, or anyone else, to go back and take a look at it if you missed it. However, for now, I can confidently state that we have no intentions of returning to the world of The Heroic Villain. Is that a forever promise? Nope. Absolutely not. Anything is possible!
      Thank you for reading!


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