War Aeternus 5: Prologue

Hey guys,

The prologue to War Aeternus 5 is now available! We’ve had this kicking around for a while now, so we figured that it was about time we let it see the light of day. As always, remember that these are rough drafts that are subject to change and extreme editing. Any and all comments you have, please let us know!

War Aeternus 5: Prologue

2 thoughts on “War Aeternus 5: Prologue”

    1. Hey Brandon, we’re currently in the process of working on WA 5. I haven’t been able to keep up with Charles due to some other commitments (ie: life and school) but from what I understand, he’s making some significant progress. I’ll come back and throw an update on the website once we’re closer to having a tentative date and/or after I have a chance to get in contact with him directly.


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